Investing in precious metals through a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) or SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) should be carried out using the services of a qualified and authorised SIPP or SSAS administrator.

The rules and regulations surrounding UK pensions are complex and whilst it is possible to open and administer a SIPP account yourself we would suggest the risks of non-compliance far outweigh the limited benefits.

Regal Assets work with a number of specialist gold SIPP and SSAS administrators who can ensure all your investments meet current regulations for maximum benefit to your pension pot.

The investment bullion itself must also be of a qualifying type and fineness – all of Regal Assets gold bullion bars are of a suitable SIPP standard so there is no danger of adding the wrong metals.

Finally the gold in your SIPP or SSAS must be securely vaulted at an approved facility. All Regal Assets bullion can be delivered directly to our qualifying partner network vaults where it will be stored 100% in your name and fully insured against loss.

How to Buy

There are four routes to adding gold to your pension plan. You can:

  • Buy gold through your existing SIPP or SSAS if you have one
  • Transfer a portion of an existing pension into a new SIPP or SSAS pension
  • Transfer all of an existing pension or pensions into a new SIPP or SASS pension
  • Open a new SIPP or SASS pension and make contributions directly.

The only way to add physical bullion to a UK pension is currently into a SIPP or SSAS and these carry the same tax breaks as other pensions allowing you to buy gold at what can effectively mean up to a 45% cost saving thanks to income tax relief at your highest marginal rate.

You also benefit from zero Capital Gains Tax on any growth in the gold’s value – and can withdraw 25% of your pension at 55, as a tax-free lump sum!

Adding gold to your pension? – check if you qualify for all the benefits: SIPP Checker.


Thi information is provided to help your understanding of “Investment Gold” within SIPPs and SSASs, however Regal Assets are not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) nor by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are therefore unable to offer advice on the merits of SIPPs or SSASs, nor are we able to recommend or endorse any particular SIPP administrator or to accept any responsibility for the services they provide.

Should you decide to work with Regal Assets as a provider of investment bullion suitable for your pension account we will assume you have made this decision on the basis of your own evaluation and from advice you may received from an FSMA authorised financial adviser.

Nothing on this website is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.

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